If this is your first time ordering a SPIO® Orthosis, the following forms may be helpful:

1)  Which SPIO® Orthosis should I select?

See our Product Guide for helpful information on selecting the right SPIO® orthosis for you.

2)  How do I choose a size?

Please download the SPIO® Products Sizing Guide and Core-Max® TLSO Products Sizing Guide before ordering to help choose the BEST fit.

3)  Can I order a custom size SPIO® orthosis?

If you require a custom SPIO® Orthosis, see the Custom SPIO® Orthosis page for the necessary measurement and order forms.

4)  Can I fax my SPIO® orthosis order?

Yes.  Download the SPIO® Order Form and return it by fax to (253) 852-0175.

5)  Will SPIO® bill my insurance?

SPIO® does not bill insurance, but your orthotist or therapist will work with you if you want to bill an insurance provider.  See our Insurance Billing page for further information.

6)  Questions after your SPIO® Orthosis arrives?

See our FAQ Page for commonly asked questions.  You can reach us toll free at (877) 997-7746 or by email at

7)  How should the SPIO® Orthosis fit my child?

See our fitting tips for helpful advice on the correct fit for your SPIO® Othosis, or refer to our Measuring and Fitting Videos.

8)  Can I return or exchange my SPIO® Orthosis?

If your SPIO® orthosis is just not doing what you need for your child, you can return or exchange it within 90 days of purchase.  See our Warranty Information and SPIO® Return or Exchange form.  Please note that SPIO® does not supply return postage, or refund the original postage in the case of a return.


9)  Do you have a sample Letter of Medical Necessity or Template?

Yes! Click here to navigate over to our insurance billing page and download our LMN template. Please note, the LMN template dropdown menus currently only work on PCs.


Order your SPIO® Orthosis - risk free.
No hassle, 90 day return and exchange policy.

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