Nancy Hylton

Nancy Hylton     Nancy Hylton     Nancy Hylton     Nancy Hylton

Nancy Hylton, PT, LO, and co-developer of SPIO® Orthoses, is one of the most influential figures in the theory, development, and use of Dynamic Orthotics.  Nancy sat down with Mindy from Wired On Development, to tell her story and talk about the field of pediatric physical therapy.  Below are some of our favorite excerpts.


1. When did you decide to become a PT?   


2. Who were your early influences?   


3. How did you grow your skills and knowledge?   


4. Where are you currently with your practice?   


5. How do you approach a child when seeing them for the first time?    


6. How do you layer that with today’s goal oriented approaches?   


7. Are you involved with the business side of SPIO®?   


8. Why would a child go up on their toes when put in a DAFO?    


9. Judy Carmick   


10. SPIO® Orthoses for children with Autism   


11. Is there an age where a child is too young for a SPIO® Orthosis?   


12. What are you most excited about right now?   


13. Favorite therapy books or courses that you recommend   


14. Advice for pediatric therapists   






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