Insurance Help

SPIO® does not bill insurance, but you may be able to get yours covered by working with an Orthotist or DME provider.

For Residents of Washington State:

Please contact one of the insurance billers on this list

For Customers Who Reside Outside Washington State:

If you reside outside of Washington State, please see the Orthotists and DME list below for an approved insurance biller near you.  

  • To view the complete list of SPIO® Orthosis billers click here.

If you do not see a vendor in your state contact an Orthotist or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) vendor in your area and ask them about ordering a SPIO® orthosis for your loved one.

Other insurance billing forms and information:

  • To view a complete list of the suggested SPIO® Orthosis billing codes, click here.

Letters of Medical Necessity:

SPIO® has created a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) template for therapists.  This template makes LMN’s quick and easy, reducing the time it takes to construct a customized, effective letter. The template includes categorized drop down lists that allow therapists to quickly choose the deficits and functional limitations the child presents with, and how the SPIO® orthosis will help.  The template can be customized to your workplace.

Also, please review the template instructions. The instructions will help you understand all of the template features. 




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