Replacement Back Panel with Thermoplastic

Replacement Back Panel with Thermoplastic

Replacement Back Panel with Thermoplastic

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Replacement Thermoplastic Back Panel for the Core-Max® Odyssey TLSO.

Prefabricate replacement back panel with moldable Thermoplastic.  The moldable, rigid Thermoplastic back panel for the Core-Max® Odyssey combines the benefit of dynamic compression with the custom-molded support of Thermoplastic.  The Thermoplastic back panel extends from the sacrococcygeal junction and terminates just inferior to the scapular spine. 

**Please note, this is a replacement back panel only and does not include the TLSO.

Instructions for Use:
1. Remove the thermoplastic back panel from packaging.
2. Heat the back panel in a microwave using 10-second intervals and repositioning each time until the thermoplastic is pliable enough to fully conform to the patient. Heating intervals will vary. Four to five is typical.
3. IMPORTANT STEPS: - Use only 10 second intervals. Anymore and the thermoplastic will burn. - Check and turn over the product each time. - Do not leave the microwave unattended while heating.
4. When heating is complete check inside of back panel to be sure there are no hot spots before applying back panel to patient.
5. Keep patient in desired position until back panel cools and hardens. An ice bag may be used to accelerate cooling of the thermoplastic.
6. Once set, remove from patient and allow 15 minutes to completely harden.
7. If the correct fit is not obtained, remove the product and repeat above procedures or spot treat specific areas with an iron set to medium.

**Heating may also be performed using a heat gun, or an iron on medium heat (steam okay).

  • Micro-perforated Neoprene
  • Mold-able, Rigid Thermoplastic
  • Available Colors: Black

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Replacement Back Panel with Thermoplastic

Replacement Back Panel with Thermoplastic

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